An In-Depth Look at the Crocoblock Jet Engine Plugin Suite

The Elementor plugin for WordPress powers over 4 million websites worldwide.

The all-in-one solution gives website owners pixel-perfect design over their content. You can create any type of site you can imagine. And it lets third-party developers extend its functionality.

Enter Crocoblock.

Crocoblock plugins enhance the Elementor experience even more. Its widgets enhance your WooCommerce sites and add features like appointments with a single click.

And the Crocoblock Jet Engine plugin takes things to another dimension!

This article looks at the top 5 features of the JetEngine suite.

You’ll see how to add dynamic content like drag-and-drop listing grids. And how to build responsive forms using the established Crocoblock Elementor system

Crocoblock JetEngine Plugin

Crocoblock has earned a reputation for building high-quality and powerful WordPress plugins.

They currently offer 18 types including the JetEngine suite which works in tandem with Elementor. Each plugin offers specialized functionality like an appointment and booking system.

Pricing is very reasonable.

You can purchase each plugin for an individual site or as a pack. The packs provide a major discount which is a bargain when you see what they can do.

This article examines the JetEngine plugin which adds dynamic content to your WP site.

You can purchase a single site license for $26 per year. Or only $54 per year for an unlimited amount of sites. For the full dynamic range of plugins, you pay $85 per year – a saving of 50%!

So what’s so good about the jet engine Crocoblock plugin? Let’s find out.

1. Dynamic Widgets

JetEngine’s simple interface lets you build dynamic complex widgets without touching code.

Just drag-and-drop a widget to add it to your existing site. Widgets include:

  • Dynamic images
  • Dynamic links
  • Dynamic metadata

The fields widget lets you pull content from a specified source and present it however you want. Combine that with the dynamic repeater to start building big!

2. Flexible Listing Grid

Need a quick grid layout with dynamic content? Then try the listing grid feature.

You can define the number of columns and layout options to fit your template. The Masonry mode adapts each cell’s height to create a modern Instagram feel.

You can also add a slide carousel of items that scroll horizontally. Perfect for mobile screens.

3. Dynamic Map Listings

Adding maps is a breeze with JetEngine. But throw in clickable points and filters and you now have a fully interactive experience.

There are multiple styles to choose from. And because maps work with custom posts, new markers appear automatically on the map.

4. Calendars and Schedules

Create a calendar or schedule widget using drag-and-drop.

There are 4 available layouts and styles are themed to match your template. You can add multiple events and insert any type of content you want.

Require QR codes for customer registration for a schedule? That’s a snap with Crocoblock Jet Engine.

5. Responsive Forms

The responsive step-by-step form lets customers fully engage with your site.

There are 12 field types to choose from including dynamically generated lists. It’s easy to embed in an Elementor template and can also provide calculated content.

And by adding page breaks, JetEngine even breaks the form into simple steps for your customers to follow.

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