What is eCommerce?

In 2019, it was estimated that 1.92 billion people made goods or service purchases online. This saw internet sales revenue surpassing $3.5 trillion worldwide.   While the world was already well into a digital trend, the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has accelerated a global change in the way we shop. From clothing to groceries, consumers...

9 Handy Tips for Using the WordPress Version 5.5.3

WordPress version 5.5.3 is here! This major update comes packed with lots of tweaks and improvements on the previous versions.  The new WordPress version comes with improvements to the block editor, automated updates for your plugins, default XML sitemaps, and improved content panel and the ability to edit inline images. The new...

An In-Depth Look at the New Google Analytics

Google has nearly four billion active users. It's no wonder that so many businesses and companies are bending over backward to get their names, websites, and products out there.  With such a large audience, your business could reach so many different people. And, the more people you reach, the more of...

Sendfox: An Alternative to Mailchimp

Sendfox: An Alternative to Mailchimp When it comes to Sendfox, you might be surprised to find out that it is a super helpful alternative to Mailchimp. Learn more here! Did you know that there are over 11 million active Mailchimp customers? While this is an extremely popular email marketing tool, maybe it's...

Tips on How to Utilize Google My Business for Free Marketing

Tips on How to Utilize Google My Business for Free Marketing Did you know that 7.5 million small businesses in the United States are at risk of closing in 2020? There are only 30.7 million small businesses operating in the United States, and more than 64% of new jobs are created because of small...

A Complete Guide to the Elementor v3.0 Beta Release

A Complete Guide to the Elementor v3.0 Beta Release Have you heard the news? The new version of the Elementor WordPress plugin is nearly ready to launch. It's called Elementor 3.0 and will bring major benefits to your WP site. If you haven't read our 5 reasons to love Elementor article,...

Everything You Need to Know About WP Rocket

Everything You Need to Know About WP Rocket Need to speed your WordPress website into hyperdrive? The WP Rocket WordPress plugin boosts your website speed within a few clicks. Just add and activate to harness the power of the cache. Website owners see a huge jump in their site's performance...

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