Everything You Need to Know About How to Get the Best Out of WordPress 5.5

If you’re currently in the process of creating a website for a new business, the chances are you’re brimming with ideas. However, it’s crucial that you take your time and invest wisely in software and resources. In today’s market, your digital offering is just as important as how your brand and employees come across in person. Your site must stand out above the crowd. Read on to find out how to use WordPress 5.5 to create a website that perfectly communicates your brand values and imagery.  

WordPress is a content management system that lets people make, modify and publish content online without any knowledge of coding. It’s one of the top three most popular CMSs, with a total market share of 32% of all websites in the world

Why Do So Many Successful Businesses Choose WordPress?

WordPress was once just a simple tool for blogging, but over the years it’s grown into so much more. It’s a free open source product — which means anyone can update the site’s code to improve it. With thousands of free plug-ins, themes, tools and widgets, it’s easy to create a unique and attractive website.

Additionally, the broad variety of plug-ins available let you turn a simple personal website into an e-commerce store, job board or information hub. 

WordPress 5.5 New Features

WordPress usually roll out large-scale updates at least twice a year. The much-anticipated WordPress 5.5 comes with an array of new features, including:

  • Auto-updates for themes and plug-ins
  • New editor features include a new UI design and block patterns UI and infrastructure
  • XML sitemaps
  • The sitemap index
  • Sitemap pages
  • Lazy-Loading images
  • Customization for developers  

How to Use WordPress 5.5 in 11 Simple Steps

Use this WordPress 5.5 tutorial to get started creating your own website. Bear in mind that modern consumers are incredibly discerning when it comes to poor web design. If they see your site as subpar — they’ll make this association with your brand. As such, you’ll need to make sure that you pay attention to detail when building your company’s online storefront. 

Step 1:  Get a Domain and Web Host and Install WordPress 5.5 

Firstly, you’ll need to register a domain name for your website, so the world knows what to enter into the address bar. You also need to purchase space online to host your website. The internet works because there are servers physically storing the data necessary for the web to exist. Your site needs to rent space for its images, code, text and videos.

Most large-scale web hosts are affiliated with WordPress 5.5, so you can install it through their platform. Alternatively, you can opt for a subdomain on WordPress.com, where you won’t need to worry about hosting or a domain. The drawbacks are that you don’t get your own website URL and the themes, plug-ins and extras you have access to are limited.

In this WordPress 5.5 tutorial, we’ll focus on WordPress.org with separate web hosting.       

Step 2: Get to Know the Dashboard

Once your domain is live and ready, you can log in to WordPress 5.5 by adding /wp-admin to your web address. When you enter, you’ll see your dashboard, which is where you can find the majority of tools needed to maintain your website. The buttons on your panel will include:

  • Settings: This includes options such as permalinks, media, comments, blog and the page editor
  • Tools: Some tools are included by default, such as the option to edit your blog. You have the opportunity to add plug-ins, and they’ll show up here
  • Users: You can use WordPress 5.5 collaboratively. This involves giving various levels of access to people who can help you grow your website
  • Plug-ins: Install code that performs multiple functions on your site, such as an e-store or job board
  • Appearance: Themes are the primary function of this tab, but you can also edit your blog’s header and manage widgets here
  • Comments: There’s a function that lets the world interact with your website. You can read comments and reply to them in this section
  • Pages: Create new pillar pages for your website. We’ll discuss this in more detail further on in the article. 
  • Media: Update and add images and video to your website from the media tab
  • Posts: Add blog posts here to boost SEO and provide readers with meaningful content
  • Updates: Check out the updates regularly to ensure your site remains fresh and secure. Note: one of the best things about the WordPress 5.5 update is auto-updates for plug-ins and themes!

Step 3: Customize Your Theme 

When you click the appearance button, you’ll get the option to choose a theme. Test out as many as possible to make sure the imagery is perfectly aligned with your brand’s style. Without any knowledge of HTML, SQL or any other coding language, you can design a website. As soon as you find the one you love, click install and then activate and your theme is all set. 

Step 4: Install Nifty Plug-Ins

There are hundreds of thousands of WordPress 5.5 plug-ins out there. They perform smart functions such as connecting your site to Google Analytics, speeding it up, helping with SEO and protecting your website from security threats.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there. Make a list of priorities based on the needs and buying style of your target audience. Remember to forget your preferences when it comes to marketing, and rely on market research and direct customer feedback. Install plug-ins that directly solve consumer problems and pain points.  

Step 5: Add Pillar Pages to Your WordPress 5.5 Website

Once your site’s functionality in up and running, and it looks good, start adding the content. Pillar pages include sections like about us, shop and contact. 

To do this, simply go to the dashboard, click pages and then add new. You can now add headings, change the text and create and upload content online. Press the home button to access the sidebar and create menus across the header, footer and main menus.      

Step 6: Create Awesome Blog Posts

Blogs are excellent because they do so much for your business. Firstly, it gives buyers and potential buyers something to read that potentially offers a solution to a problem or two. Secondly, if you optimize your posts for SEO, you’ll rank higher of search engines.

The more optimized content you create, the higher up those results pages your website will appeal. Plus, articles that rank high for specific keywords will pop up at the top of popular searches, driving more organic traffic to your site.

It’s a good idea to have a few blog posts up when you first publish your WordPress 5.5 website. Write more in advance to stop yourself from falling behind. Just like social media — people like to see frequent blog posts. Plus, if you upload blogs more regularly, you give people more opportunities to find your website. It’s easy to create posts and upload them using the WordPress platform.  

Step 7: Publish Your Website

At the top of your dashboard, there will be a text box that lets you know your site is currently displaying a coming soon message. As soon as you’re ready to launch your website, click the link and off you go.

Step 8: Explore Methods of Speeding Up WordPress 5.5 

As you study consumer’s priorities with regards to websites, it becomes blatantly apparent that the loading speed of a website is high up on the list. The bounce rate is significantly higher for slow loading websites than fast ones. Something you might not have known is that speed is also essential if you want to see free traffic flow in from Google.  

Step 9: Make Sure Your WordPress 5.5 Site Is Secure

There are some steps you should take to ensure your website is safe from hackers and cyber threats such as DDOS attacks

  • Be creative with usernames and passwords — always mix letters, numbers, special characters and caps
  • Check out the latest WordPress security plug-ins
  • Restrict access to the admin area
  • Make sure you frequently check for updates and make sure the website is backed up  

Step 10: Updating Your WordPress Website 

With the WordPress 5.5 update, themes and plug-ins automatically update — which some might say is ling overdue. Nonetheless, there are still security and access updates you’ll need to keep an eye out for. 

Step 11: Don’t Forget to Back it Up!

It’s incredibly easy to set up backups for WordPress. Just select a plug-in with that functionality and follow the instructions to set up backups at regular intervals. Even the most careful person in the world can fall victim to a power outage or hack, so it’s essential for every website owner. 

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