Everything You Need to Know About WP Rocket


Everything You Need to Know About WP Rocket

Need to speed your WordPress website into hyperdrive?

The WP Rocket WordPress plugin boosts your website speed within a few clicks. Just add and activate to harness the power of the cache.

Website owners see a huge jump in their site’s performance by installing the WP Rocket plugin. But how does it work and what exactly does it do?

This article looks at the features and benefits of the plugin.

You’ll discover how file and page caching will improve load times and rank you higher in the SERPs. It’s Google-friendly and it works with WooCommerce. And it’s fully customizable to suit all your requirements.

So read on to read our WP Rocket review and see how to make your site zoom!

What Is the WP Rocket Plugin?

The WP Rocket plugin is designed to make your site go faster through caching, preloading, and compression.

The technology works to improve a site visitor’s experience by using a single copy of assets instead of reloading them. The plugin also preloads images, JS and CSS files, etc. which means they’re instantly available when needed.

The plugin is designed to be simple to use and install.

You don’t need to know PHP or a programming language. Simply add it to your existing WordPress site and activate the features you need. And if you want to get your hands dirty the plugin allows customization through hooks.

What Is WordPress Caching?

WordPress uses a database system to serve content to a site’s visitors. But each trip to and from a database uses resources and takes time.

The answer? Using cached or static versions of those files.

Browsers like Google Chrome prefer cached content which is stored on the user’s device. It speeds up the experience and reduces the load on the Internet overall. That includes bandwidth on your hosting server which may also save you money.

Google Search rewards faster websites by placing them higher in their results. So your visitors gain a speed boost and can also find you more easily!

WP Rocket Features

The plugin offers more than just caching to improve your website’s performance. Here are some of the main features you get by installing WP Rocket.

Easy Setup and Support

Once installed, this WordPress plugin works out of the box. But if you want to change things, the process is simple and straightforward.

The dashboard shows your current status and lets you edit caching and optimization settings.

Configuration options are all done through a graphical interface and are simple to pick up. And you get to fine-tune everything to suit your needs.

The video tutorials will help guide you which is a big plus. And related help information is displayed on the right of the screen.

There are instant-answer help articles and support links. If you require extra assistance, contact the plugin staff who are more than happy to help. It’s all part of the small license fee so why not use it?

Page and File Caching

We’ve touched on the benefits of caching already but WP Rocket offers full control over your cache.

If you introduce a lot of new content you can clear the current cache by clicking a button. You can also limit the cache lifespan and exclude certain content.

The Advanced Rules section lets you dictate exactly what is and isn’t cached. So if you want to keep a certain folder on your site constantly fresh create a cache rule. The plugin even works in your WP admin panel on a per-page basis.

Preloading and Sitemaps

WP Rocket will scan your entire site and build the cache before your visitors even arrive.

That means less work for the server and faster access speeds. And the cached files are CDN friendly meaning you can host them on the Cloud for even faster usage.

A sitemap is automatically generated too which Google can index if you wish.

Database Optimization

If your database holds dozens of old post revisions or unwanted drafts, the plugin will help clear them out.

It’s called Transients Cleanup which means it removes temporary options. And the plugin also optimizes your table overheads which can cause sluggish behavior over time.

Image Lazyload

The lazyload feature loads images only when they need to appear on the screen.

Instead of the browser needing to load 100 images, it preloads just 10. Then, as the user scrolls down, more are fetched and displayed. It also works for iframes and videos.

WP Rocket vs Other WordPress Cache Plugins

How does this WordPress plugin compare to other cache-style offerings?

According to Shout Me Loud, WP Rocket trumps Super Cache and W3 Total Cache by a wide margin.

They saw an increase in speed to their site by editing a few settings. And they found the support and easy install to be better than the rest!

Purchasing a WP Rocket Plugin Licence

So for all of these great speed-breaking features how much will a license cost and where can you buy it?

Purchase a WP Rocket plugin license here for only $49.

For that price, you get a year’s worth of support and updates for one website. If you need up to three sites, you pay $99 – a saving of 33%!

The Enterprise option enables you to add the plugin to an unlimited number of sites. For $249 you also get 1 year of updates and support.

If you change your mind within 14 days you get a full 100% refund. But you’re guaranteed to see fast results. Or your money back.

How to Install the Plugin

There are two ways to install WP Rocket: automatic or manual.

After purchasing a license, download the zip file from the account page. Save it to your desktop then open your WordPress admin panel.

Choose Plugin then Add New then Upload Plugin just like you would any other WP plugin. Select your zip file then hit Install Now and confirm.

Voila! You’re ready to launch. Just go to the Settings panel to select your options.

Rocket Launch Your Website With J & B Development

Now you know how to boost a site’s speed using WP Rocket it’s time to call in the WordPress experts.

J & B Development is committed to creating the best websites possible for our clients. From WordPress to E-commerce development, you’re sure to see an increase in traffic and the fastest site imaginable.

Contact us right now to discuss your requirements. And let’s make awesome websites together!


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