How PPC Advertising Is Helping E-commerce Businesses during COVID-19

How PPC Advertising Is Helping E-commerce Businesses during COVID-19

For years, experts agreed that working from home would take off as more companies adapted to and used online resources. With the spread of COVID-19, it appears that their predictions have finally come true. 

42% of the workforce now says that they work from home. Of those people, 24% say they want to continue working from home. If you operate an E-commerce business, how can you take advantage of this changing dynamic? 

PPC advertising helps businesses thrive during these tough economic times. Here’s how pay per click advertising can help your business. 

PPC Ads Put Your Business In Front of Millions of New Customers

People tend to become more insular when confronted with dramatic changes. COVID-19 forces consumers to look for new ways to get the products and services they need. Instead of going to a physical store, people now look for delivery options online.

Using the right pay per click strategies can put your business in front of these customers. PPC advertising services can help you choose high-value keywords that will show your ads to people searching for your product.

Successful online businesses use PPC advertising services to attract visitors to their websites. Those websites, if built and optimized correctly, will convert those visitors into customers. Through other marketing channels, those visitors become customers for life. 

PPC Advertising Helps Businesses Track Results 

Imagine being able to quickly adapt to changing conditions and double down on strategies that work. With PPC ads, you can track results in real-time and focus on strategies that give you the most bang for your buck. 

E-commerce brands that use PPC advertising can track impressions, clicks, and conversions. They’re able to lower spending by setting up small campaigns to see which keywords and landing pages bring them the best results. After determining profitable strategies, they increase spending for an improved return on investment. 

Most E-commerce businesses start with smaller advertising budgets. PPC allows them to increase visibility and sales without breaking the bank. New E-commerce brands can spend a fraction of what larger brands spend on traditional advertising. 

PPC Management Works Well With Other Advertising Methods 

Companies have come to realize that PPC ads complement other forms of online marketing. By tracking your PPC campaign results, you’ll know which keywords to build your website’s content around. You can also use this information to build a better landing page, increasing your conversion rate when someone clicks on your ads.  

A PPC agency can help you build campaigns that enhance your other marketing efforts. 

Are You Ready To Reap The Rewards of PPC Advertising? 

J&B Web Development can help you build an E-commerce business that attracts new customers. 

Our development team can help you design and develop a professional website within 30 days. We’ll work with you to create the perfect website to both build your brand and cultivate leads. We’ve developed strategies for every type of E-commerce business. If you need to build your social media presence and create PPC advertising campaigns that produce measurable results, we can help. 

Contact us today to get started and schedule your free consultation. We’ll take your ideas and turn your dreams into reality. 

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