How to Choose the Most Reliable and Fastest Web Hosting Provider

In the digital world speed matters. That is why if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load you could lose up to 53% of your smartphone traffic. 

If you want to increase your traffic and conversion rate then you need a reliable, supportive, and fast web hosting provider. However, with so many hosting companies to choose from it isn’t that easy. 

Read on to see how to find the fastest web hosting to boost your site and your business. 

Types of Hosting

The best web hosting providers offer a range of hosting options. Most companies let you choose between shared, cloud, dedicated, and VPS (virtual private server) hosting. These options will affect your speed, security, and traffic capacity. 

Shared hosting is what it sounds like: a server that is shared between many other websites. This is the cheapest option but also compromises your speed and security. 

A cloud hosting option combines many servers into one platform to create one giant server. These types of hosting plans are easily adjustable if your site gains more traffic as they are simple to expand by adding more servers. 

If you want your own server then try dedicated hosting. You will rent an entire server just for your website, making it easy to control as no other sites will be on it. This is the most expensive option. 

A VPS is similar to a dedicated server since you will have your own digital space. However, it uses one physical server that is disbursed among several virtual spaces. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Not all websites are designed the same and neither are their hosting needs. This is because each website requires a specific amount of storage for their data. Traffic needs also vary. If you are a small business or a new e-commerce site then your site might not get much traffic right away.

Reliable web hosts like SiteGround offers plans that fit all size businesses. This also includes the number of email accounts and websites allowed on the server. 

Server Locations and Up Time

When you compare reliable hosts you want to check the location of the servers. Choosing a server that is near you will increase your speed and offer more security.

The location of your server isn’t the only quality in a hosting company. You also want to read about their uptime reputation. If a server goes down then so does your website. So, find one that has nearly 100% uptime results. 

Support Matters

The best web hosting services come with a range of support features. Find one that includes 24/7 customer service and can be reachable by phone, email, and has a live chat option. 

You also want to check if the hosting has a data backup protection feature in case the server goes bad or your website domain expires. Some companies also offer migration options to transfer your data from one hosting to another. 

Fastest Web Hosting Goes With the Best Web Designs

If you want the fastest web hosting then you should be careful of which company you choose to host your site. Just like the great care that goes into designing your site so does the need to find a reliable server. 

Before you find your hosting get the design you always imagined. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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