What Is Buddyboss? How Does It Compare to Buddy Press? We Explain Here

What Is Buddyboss? How Does It Compare to Buddy Press? We Explain Here.

If you use WordPress for your business website, you’re likely aware that there are thousands of plugins and add-ons available to you. Namely, social plugins. Social plugins are critical to your digital marketing efforts for one simple reason: Everyone relies on social media channels for information and a sense of community.

In this article, we’re going to discuss just how important social plugins are and how you can use BuddyBoss to create your own. We’re also going to get into how it compares to BuddyPress, so keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Social Plugins Important?

The various social media channels are what offer businesses a unique and personal platform to speak directly with their target audience. As of right now, Facebook boasts nearly 2.5 billion users worldwide. Instagram accounts for 1 billion monthly active users, and Twitter has around 300 million users worldwide. 

Social plugins, as small of an addition to your website as they are, hold a lot of power. They allow you to embed your social media feeds directly onto your website which allows users to easily share your content among the different platforms. Essentially it gives you the power to leverage the information on your website to billions of people—globally.  

Whether your intended audience is hitting the like, share, save, pin, or retweet button, it all equates to the following advantages:

  • It provides a greater reach among your target audience
  • It generates website traffic generation via shares and likes
  • It Creates a stronger brand presence and awareness of your products or services
  • Each social plugin doubles as a point of contact for potential leads

It should be noted that social plugins aren’t necessarily there to boost your SEO efforts. Google’s algorithm doesn’t pick up on likes or shares. It does, however, index your social media pages which can work to your advantage if you are getting a lot of likes and shares.

Overall, social plugins will have an effect on the perspective of your brand, its reputation, your customer relationships, and its reliability. There are also social plugins that allow you to build your own social networks, such as BuddyPress and BuddyBoss. If social media channels have that much power, imagine what having your own built-in channel can do for your website.    

What Is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is an open-source social networking software package (plugin) for WordPress. It hosts a suite of community features typically found in social networking channels and the main idea is to support community-based forums. In essence, it creates a house for your community, i.e., your target audience. 

BuddyPress allows you to create your own social network to support communication between your teams and your audience. Anyone that visits your site will have the opportunity to register and create their own profile to become a part of your social network. This helps open the lines of communication between your customers, potential leads, and employees. It also gives your customer service a boost.

A few things users can do with your BuddyPress plugin includes:

  • Creating their own profile
  • Creating groups
  • Send messages
  • Ask direct questions related to products or services
  • Leave reviews or feedback
  • Share status updates

The plugin also offers a whole slew of themes specifically designed to work with WordPress sites. That way, you can customize your little social network, giving you a chance to stand out from the crowd. 

What Is BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss, on the other hand, is a closed source. It’s essentially a fork (copy) of BuddyPress—same creator, same team. However, it’s a separate plugin, and because it’s a closed network, it comes with complete integration.

Complete integration means you get the plugin, theme, and an app that work together seamlessly. BuddyBoss feature-rich right from the get-go, but there are some necessary BuddyPress plugins you will need. The BuddyBoss Features that require a BuddyPress plugin include:

  • Attachments (documents and images)
  • Forum-based discussions
  • Multi-level group hierarchy
  • A comprehensive search option
  • Built-in demo data
  • Private networks

Other than that, you won’t really need or have a use for other BuddyPress plugins. 

So, What’s the Difference?

Both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss give you the same features (to an extent). They both allow you to create your own unique social network for your community. They’re both forum-based and have are geared towards developers.

Arguably their greatest difference is their ease of use. As we mentioned before, BuddyBoss is a closed source plugin while BuddyPress in an open-source plugin. That means that BuddyBoss comes ready to use right out of the box. There’s no need to waste time trying to figure out how to set it up, customize it, or deal with add ons that aren’t compatible. 

With BuddyPress, you have to take the time to set up your social network from the ground up. You have to figure out which features you need and comb through add ons and themes. Then you have to tweak everything until you work out the kinks.

Additionally, BuddyPress has an interface to manage the design of each individual add-on. This creates complications depending on the add-ons you choose. Not all of them are kept up to date, which affects how well they work.

That brings us to our next point—upkeep. With BuddyPress, updating the plugin, themes, and add-ons are not all one seamless event. They happen at different rates, which will inevitably cause errors on your site and incompatibility issues. With BuddyBoss, everything is updated and tested together to ensure compatibility and full integration.  

Lastly, while BuddyPress is free, BuddyBoss costs a little over $200 for a yearly license—and that’s just the starting price. That may seem like a lot, but if you’re not an experienced developer you may need to hire one. The cost of hiring an expert to help you configure BuddyPress will likely cost you more than the license. 

So, what is BuddyBoss? It’s essentially a social network wrapped up neatly in a box. Its counterpart, BuddyPress, is a million separate puzzle pieces. 

The Best Social Network Plugin

Now you have an understanding of two critical website components that can boost your digital marketing efforts. The first being the concept of social plugins, and the second being what is BuddyBoss and how can it elevate your brand.

If you want to take social media sharing to a whole new level, then it’s time to create your own social network tailored to your target audience. Download the BuddyBoss platform and get started today, and don’t forget to visit our blog to learn more about the essential WordPress plugins you’re missing.

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