Why Getting a Website Audit Is Important

Is your website performing as well as it should?

Are you ranking low in the SERPs? Do your online ads fail to convert to sales? Is your site feedback as negative as your reviews?

You realize things need to change. But how do you identify the problem areas?

By performing a website audit.

A site audit is the first step in addressing the negatives on your web pages. And this article breaks down how the process works.

We examine how an audit can detect security issues on your site. How it helps track your Google rankings. And if your advertising budget is worth the money you spend.

So read on to learn how to audit a website and make sure your site delivers at the highest level.

What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit examines the effectiveness of your website by comparing it to your business aims and objectives.

An auditor creates a full analysis of your site, detailing its performance and marketing viability. They give a benchmark figure that marks your current status. A high number means it excels whereas a low number means your site needs to undergo some changes.

Website audits usually happen a year or so after a site launches. By then, Google has the site ranked for target keywords, and traffic flows are established. 

The goal of any audit is to measure success and potential threats or weaknesses.

The results form an integral road map for future redevelopment. That plan will help boost your rankings and convert visits to sales. So it’s essential to have an audit carried out on an ongoing basis.

Types of Website Audits

A thorough audit of your website will encompass a range of factors including security, content, SEO, and accessibility.

Specialized audits focus on one area, like advertising effectiveness. The end result is a detailed checklist of the pros and cons of your site’s performance.

We’ve gathered together some of the main types of audits you need to be aware of.

SEO Audit

A search engine optimization audit examines how well you rank in organic search results. Efforts tend to focus on Google.

Why? Because 59% of online shoppers use Google to research a purchase before committing to buy.

So what’s the secret of how to perform an SEO audit of your website? Here’s a simple checklist to follow:

  • Quality Backlinks – how many reputable websites link to your pages
  • Current Google Ranking – your current page position for desired search phrases/keywords
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions – your page titles and hidden content that Google uses in its results
  • Webpage Authority – a points-based system that predicts how well you rank

SEO covers a wide spectrum but the goal is to bring in quality visitor traffic from search engines. The audit identifies any problem areas and provides feedback on how to address them.

Website Content and Architecture Audit

A website content audit examines keyword density within the copy/text of your web pages.

Too many and Google marks your site as spam. Too few and you won’t see any traffic.

The audit also highlights spelling and grammar issues. And how the content relates to the product or service and if it reads well. Remember, visitors want great content, not text written for search engines.

The architecture of a site is just as important as what’s on it.

How quickly does it load? Is it optimized for mobile? What about canonical issues and duplicate content management?

Google’s quality guidelines suggest how a site should work. The audit addresses site malfunctions and factors that mark you down in the search listings.

Site Security Audit

Is your site SSL secured? Has your server suffered from downtime due to a cyber-attack? How much do you really know about your site’s security?

Unfortunately, over 150 thousand small business sites in the US could be infected by malware.

A compromised customer database could face a hefty fine if regulations aren’t kept. Not to mention the bad press and loss of earnings as the result of a cyber-attack or intrusion.

Auditing your website’s security highlights any outstanding issues. It prepares you for the worst yet offers guidelines on how best to address those safety concerns.

PPC and Online Advertising Audit

Pay per click advertising through the likes of Google Ads drives targeted traffic to your site.

You’re charged when visitors click on the ad. Then you’re able to track them through your sales funnel.

But if your ad-spend doesn’t pull in the customers you need, you have to figure out why.

An audit identifies how effective your campaigns run. It offers AB testing and compares your site to your competition. You’ll soon know if it’s your keywords are at fault or an unrealistic daily budget.

Audits also identify ad fraud where fraudsters click on your ads with no intention to buy.

You need to identify fraud before your budget disappears on rogue clicks. And an audit offers firm proof that you can share with Google to have your money refunded.

Content Management System Audit

Do you use WordPress to manage your site? If so, is it running the latest software version? And are all your plugins up-to-date?

A CMS audit looks at your website from both a front and back-end perspective.

You’ll get an insight into the best way to add and manage content on your pages. And an audit reveals any invalid plugins that may hamper your site’s performance.

Receive a Free Website Audit With J+B

Now you understand the types of website audits available, what’s the first step when thinking how to conduct a website audit?

J+B Web Development has a 6-D process designed to review an existing site and make it better.

We help you discover and plan what’s required before we design and develop the right solution. Once your new site deploys, we’re there to help maintain it. You won’t be left on your own, as our client base can testify to.

And there’s great news – we’re currently offering a FREE website audit for new customers.

Just fill in the online form and we’ll review your site. There’s no obligation to buy and the comprehensive report covers everything.

Alternatively, contact us via telephone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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